Maintaining balanced water quality in your pool is very important as it helps you keep your pool clean and prevent it from turning green. Probably you don’t use your swimming pool much and because you’re able to see the bottom, you think everything is okay. Well, your pool might be pretty clear but that doesn’t necessarily mean it is okay. Keeping your pool ready for swimming requires performing regular maintenance and checking the chemicals. Here are some of the tips that can help you keep your swimming pool looking good during summer.

Clean your pool Filter and skimmer baskets

Every time someone takes a dip into your pool, they introduce body oil, dirt, hair, and swimsuit fabric into the water. All these substances get trapped in the skimmer basket or pool filter. The pool filters should be cleaned several times a month in the peak swimming season. However, be careful not to clean it too often as it may become less efficient. When it comes to strainer baskets, you should clean them a couple of times a week to increase the filtration efficiency of your pool and reduce the amount of chlorine to be added. This only needs a few minutes.

Always check the water level

The rate of water loss during the peak swimming season is usually very high. The loss of water is usually through splashing and evaporation as well as simply getting in and out of the swimming pool. That’s why you must keep an eye on the water level and make sure it doesn’t fall below the level of your pool filter.

Maintain the PH level of the water

You must test the pool water to make sure it has the correct PH level (between 7.2 and 7.8). You might do this weekly during the peak swimming season. Use the necessary chemicals to ensure the PH level is balanced.

Get a Pool Cover

Fitting a pool cover can help to keep your pool clean and reduce the water loss through evaporation when the poll is not in use. This is one of the best ways through which you can reduce the amount of care and maintenance on your pool. You won’t have to worry about topping up the amount of water or keep adding extra chemicals.

Skim your Pool Regularly

Skimming is one of the ways to get rid of the debris accumulating on the pool. This should be done every few days using a hand skimmer or a leaf skimmer. Regular skimming is important as it removes large debris such as bugs and leaves. For a pool cleaning quote in Charleston, SC check out Heritage Pools (pool cleaning summerville sc).

Vacuum the pool

Vacuuming should be done every week to keep the pool clear. You may either do it manually or use a vacuum that’s automatic. The later will save much of your time. Don’t forget to clean the vacuum filter.