5 Reasons to Think of a Roof Garden

Roof gardens, also known as terrace gardens, are pretty common now. There was a time when one could not think of growing a terrace garden, but it has become a common thing all around the world now.


Creating a roof garden not only improves the air quality but also also reduces the heat falling on the rooftop of a home. Not everyone has a big backyard or frontyard, which is why many people are unable to get a garden. However, with the concept of roof gardens it has become possible for everyone to have their own little garden.


Roof gardens enhance the view of a building or a home as well as provide a sense of calm in a person’s busy life. Besides providing aesthetic benefits, roof gardens have many other benefits as well.


Without further ado, here are five reasons to think of a roof garden:



  • Air Quality


Pollution and particles in air can destroy the beauty of homes as well as damage the health of people. Building a roof garden helps in that manner as pollution is minimized, and fresh air is circulated around in the atmosphere. However, a single roof garden won’t affect an entire area. To make an area or town peaceful and healthy, everyone should consider building a roof garden.  



  • Putting Rainwater to Good Use


Rain may be beautiful but excessive rain can do a lot of damage. A roof garden is ideal to make the most of rainwater. The green plants on the roof garden can use up the rainwater and even stores some of it in excess amount. In winter, roof gardens can retain 40% of rain water while in summers they can retain up to 80% of rainwater.n.


Other than this, roof gardens also prevent the town or city from a local flood by acting as a natural filter and stopping the water from running down. They also help regulate the temperature.



  • Rich Environment


According to a study conducted at the University Of Exeter Medical School, people who spend time with plants and nature are said to be overall happy and have a good mental health as well. Roof gardens also help to reduce stress as they improve the air quality and decrease pollution allowing people to stay calm and happy.



  • Increases Lifespan Of A Roof


A properly installed and maintained roof garden is not only beneficial for the environment and the people living nearby but also the roof itself. When you take special care of your roof it increases the life of a roof by 2 to 3 times. This is because a green roof withstands harsher climates and protects the foundation of the roof.



  • Saves Energy And Improves Home’s Worth


A roof garden plays a vital role in lowering energy bills. In addition to this, having a roof garden can also give a boost to your home’s value.?


It is important that you consult a contractor before growing plants on your roof so that there are no issues later on.


There’s a reason why you decided to have a swimming pool in your home and it’s important to take proper care and maintenance of your pool so that you can enjoy the benefits. While pool parts such as the motor, grids, filter, and cartridge may require replacement at some time, proper care of your pool will increase its lifespan. It is important to know what needs to be done as far as maintaining your pool is concerned. Here are some of the mistakes that might lead to expensive pool repairs or a green pool.

Allowing pets to play around your pool

If your pool is both human and pet friendly, you don’t have any other option other taking proper care for your pool. It’s always fun spending an afternoon in the pool with your long-haired friend. However, make sure your swimming pool is clean after the pets swim. Net the pool immediately. You may also consider cleaning your filter and skimmer basket a day after to make sure no hair gets back into the pool. Maintaining your pool properly will help prevent the impeller from clogging.

Using a pool dye with the wrong pool filter

Probably you’ve decided to use a pool dye in preparation for the pool party on the next day and everything seems fine. While these dyes can be used in swimming pools they may affect the filter elements of your pool. If you’re planning to add a pool dye, go ahead and replace the grids or cartridge filter with a DE (diatomaceous earth) filter on recirculation before adding it. Allow your pool to continue running as usual without the filter until the pool dye has cleared.

Using algaecide incorrectly

You might want to use algaecide to prevent algae spore from taking over your pool but you need to use it correctly. Algaecides work effectively and can help you get rid of the algae wreaking havoc in your pool. However, they tend to highly reduce the level of chlorine in your pool which means you’ll have to use higher levels of chlorine when applying with algaecide. You must balance its use with other ways of caring for your pool.

Note that low levels of chlorine combined with algaecide in your poll will result in a greener pool. The most important thing you need to do is follow every instructions given by the manufacturer. Do no turn off your pool pump when using algaecide as it needs to reach all the sections of your pool.

Turning your pool pump off

While turning off your pool pump can save on your electricity bill you’re going to spend the amount saved on acid, chlorine, and service maintenance. Your pool is designed in such a way that it keeps itself clean. When allowed to run properly, debris and algae are kept away completely. Running your pool pump also helps to keep your pool blue if you’re living in a high temperature area. Your pool should run 24 hours per day if you’re trying to get rid of algae and turning it to blue. However, you may run the pool pump for about 7 to 8 hours per day during summer. If you are clearing trees from around your pool, be sure to contact The City Arborist Greenville SC.